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how acupuncture works

Acupuncture is an ancient practice dating back over 3,000 years . It is a technique of placing fine needles at specific points on the body to strengthen and re-balance your body’s natural energy flow which may be hindering you in some way. Acupuncture is performed by skilled and appropriately qualified Chinese medicine practitioners.

does acupuncture hurt?

There is a little sensation when the needle is inserted. Sometimes there is a tingling or numbness feeling whilst the needle is in but it shouldn’t be painful. The needle is inserted very quickly and is as fine as a strand of hair.

amount of treatments

Frequency and number depends on an individual’s condition. We usually suggest coming weekly and then reduce in frequency as symptoms subside.

confidentiality and safety

As a licensed Acupuncturist and Sports massage therapist all our treatments adhere to the professional code of conduct outlined by the British Acupuncture council. All needles used are one time use and disposable.

All information given at consultation and follow up appointments remain confidential.

before and after

We ask that you wear loose clothing that can be rolled up to access the acupuncture points needed and also to keep you comfortable during treatment.

We also ask that you eat something before coming for treatment and after treatment keeping appropriately hydrated and taking the well needed rest to help aid further healing. Eating prior to treatment helps to maintain stabilized blood sugar levels to reduce after effects of feeling faint/dizzy during treatment.

Alongside treatment we always offer advice for you to take away with you such as nutritional, postural, exercise and stretching and stress management advice. This is in place to help you to be supported out of the treatment room to continue the healing process.

private healthcare

Many private health care providers include Acupuncture as a treatment under the policies they offer. If you are looking to seek acupuncture treatment and claim through your private health care provider then be sure to contact them first to find out how you can do this. A lot of insurers take a receipt given to you by your acupuncturist after treatment and can offer you up to 50% back off each treatment!


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