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The day I got my degree is one of my greatest accomplishments!

Back in 2011 I submitted my application form for the BSC Acupuncture 3 year degree. I was scared as I was working full time in the NHS and it would mean dropping hours and income to follow my dream. Thankfully I was accepted, and I began my 3 year study in 2012!

I have now been practicing Acupuncture for 4 years and it has been so rewarding. It is so diverse, and no day is the same which makes it even more interesting! An example of a day I had recently; I saw a gentleman in his 80’s with sciatica; a lady in her 50’s with a racing heart rate, dizziness and palpitations; a 30 year old lady with nausea in pregnancy; a gentleman in his 50’s with an ongoing shoulder problem and tennis elbow; and a lady in her 20’s with ME and Crohn’s disease.

If you are a new patient in my acupuncture clinic, I will complete an initial intake form with you to highlight any areas where there are imbalances and identify if these are causing your symptoms. I will also look at your tongue as this can show an insight into what is happening inside your body. I will feel your pulse on both wrists too to give me an indication of how your body is currently working. A treatment prescription is then made. Dependant on what is going on I will also give you lifestyle and diet advice. I may use acupressure, massage, cupping, gua sha, auricular acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, heat lamp therapy, moxa, reflexology and aromatherapy, alongside your acupuncture treatment.

I have seen all ages, from children and teenagers to patients in their 90’s. Acupuncture is a complementary therapy so is a great treatment to have if you are taking any medications or on another form of treatment. It is also a sought after treatment to support couples through their fertility journey and ladies throughout their pregnancy.

Have you ever had acupuncture to treat a condition or heard a friend or family member talking about it? Are you keen to find out more? If so, get in touch and we can have a chat.

what is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient practice dating back over 3,000 years . It is a technique of placing fine needles at specific points on the body to strengthen and re-balance your body’s natural energy flow which may be hindering you in some way.

does acupuncture hurt?

There is a little sensation when the needle is inserted. Sometimes there is a tingling or numbness feeling whilst the needle is in but it shouldn’t be painful. The needle is inserted very quickly and is as fine as a couple of strands of hair.

how many treatments?

Frequency and number depend on an individual’s condition. I usually suggest coming weekly and then reduce in frequency as symptoms subside. Most studies that have been carried out to show the benefit of acupuncture for a specific condition shows that the participants of the study often come more than once a week or weekly for around 9-12 sessions. Chronic conditions usually need a greater amount of treatments than an acute injury.

sports massage

The first treatment I ever learnt and qualified in nearly 10 years ago now is Sports massage.

It is honestly one my favourite treatments to do. I love the feeling of treating a patient that has been so tight/tense/in pain when they first came into my clinic, to them leaving with some relief and feeling looser. It really is the best job satisfaction!

Some of the questions I get about sports massage are:

What is it? – It is a deep tissue massage which helps to manipulate the soft tissue. Its benefits are to reduce muscular tension, promote better circulation, increase the tissue flexibility, increase joint range of motion, and reduce pain.

Is it Ok to have this treatment if I don’t play sports? – Yes! In our training we do learn to work with athletes, gym goers etc, but the treatment can be used on anyone, and in my experience it is very good at helping people who are sat at a desk for long periods of time or have poor posture.

What does it treat? – Any muscular tension! On a weekly basis I will see backs, necks, and shoulders, other conditions I also see fairly frequently are plantar fasciitis, shin splints knee pain, carpal tunnel, tennis and golfers elbow and frozen shoulder. Secondary symptoms such as sleep, headaches and energy can be helped with sports massage also.

As I am a holistic practitioner, I often use other techniques I am qualified in alongside my sports massage treatments if I think a patient can benefit further, such as Acupuncture, heat lamp therapy, cupping, gua sha and percussion therapy.

Do you suffer from any muscle tension or pain which has been nagging you for some time? Sports massage could just be the answer


I studied Reflexology alongside Sports Massage. I had always wanted to learn reflexology from being a teenager. I was really into complementary medicine and I would hire books from the library on reflexology and aromatherapy. I found it fascinating and it was something that I told myself I would learn at some point in my life.

I’m glad I did as it is really rewarding. My reflexology sessions are based on achieving relaxation and wellness. Particularly for stress, anxiety, and sleep. Anyone that has had reflexology can vouch that it really does help your nervous system in rebalancing and suppressing any tension or stress.

I often see couples in my clinic for fertility, whether that be naturally trying to conceive or they are in the process of having IUI or IVF. I often use reflexology in their treatment as over the years I have noticed that it is really beneficial for their wellbeing. 9/10 couples that I have seen have been highly stressed and this treatment has really helped them to relax.

I also use reflexology when seeing ladies who are pregnant. Usually when they are heavily pregnant too! They are tired, fed up, their feet and back are hurting, and they aren’t sleeping well from not being able to get comfy on a night. I get great job satisfaction seeing the relief that can be given.

I am also qualified in aromatherapy with pregnancy which means I can add certain aromatherapy oils to the treatment which are good during pregnancy and specific oils that can promote labour if the baby is overdue.

It really is a wonderful treatment to receive. Have you ever tried Reflexology? If you haven’t get in touch if you want to discuss it with me further.

would you like to experience a bit of both?

I can offer a ‘half and half’ appointment whereby you can choose two treatments to have within one treatment! This is a great way to sample two treatments within one and to get the benefits of both! I also offer this appointment for couples who are both needing to have acupuncture appointments for fertility! Get in touch to find out more!

add on services to acupuncture and massage treatments

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